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Peek is a provocative online magazine for navigating emotional life.

Developing self-love and meaningful connections has never felt more necessary. In a polarized world that leaves many people feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, Peek offers slow content as a means of connecting deeper with ourselves and others. Inspired by the Enlightenment era salons of the past, Peek honors the convergence of feminine and philosophic ambitions with a provocative stance on love, sex and relationships. Realistic rather than idealistic, Peek arouses the curious mind to examine the multidimensionality of modern life and love, and seeks to increase connection and personal development through art and conversation.


I’m Nomi Leasure

I want to change the world for women. 

I grew up in a world that was distinctly unorthodox, yet incredibly liberating. I’m the biracial daughter of two blue-collar, intellectual, unmarried social workers who met on The Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament of 1986. As the youngest of six on my dad’s side and my mom’s only child I inherited a blended upbringing, unencumbered by societal standards and norms.

Born in Pittsburgh, PA I spent the first portion of life at an intensive art school studying theater. I later moved to Philadelphia for college and had a brief stint in Los Angeles (it was not for me).

In 2011 I started Natural Born Liar, a personal blog that housed my nightly journaling habit. I wanted a space that reflected what I craved at the time; a space that acknowledged young women contain multitudes; that we are never just one thing; that we can be smart and sexually adventurous. My viewpoints were, at the time, somewhat unusual: I denounced boyfriends, I encouraged philandering, I wrote about depression, I questioned monogamy.

The blog title later changed to Peek. Peek was originally intended to be Pique; pique meaning to stimulate, and, more directly, to stimulate interest or curiosity. While “Pique Mag” was already taken, that definition remains at the heart of the brand. 

Until 2020 my day job was in the field of Experiential Marketing. I led brand initiatives for the likes of Google, Nike and YouTube as an Account Director and Project Manager. Under the cover of darkness (aka: side hustle) I penned “Dear Nomi,” an advice column that reached 30k+ readers.

Many of my readers have been following me for years, and we’ve grown together through milestones and life changes. My work aims to uplift young women with heartfelt tough talk, focusing on relationships, career, self-exploration, and identity. I have garnered a following for my authentic voice, unique perspective on life, and ability to touch on the often unspoken but universal conditions that affect us all. 

I currently live in Brooklyn, New York with my hot husband, two cats, and boxer lab.

The Ladies Behind the Scenes at Peek Mag

Meleina Mayhew

Art Director | Peek Mag Branding 
Fun Facts: Half Japanese, former toy designer, once launched an intimates line called “SugarPants” 

Gintel Gee

Product Designer | Web Design/Development 
Fun Facts: Reads NASA blogs just cause/Loves anything with Grüner Veltliner/Adores sloths

Phalona Wallace

Coordinator | Project Admin  
Facts: Breast cancer survivor/Named after Lola Falana/Loves baby blue

Deanna Guzman-Sanchez

Coder | Web Development 
Fun Facts: New mom to baby Quincy (aka Q)/Health-centric Foodie/Laid-back af

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