A Sexy Self-Care Routine with Vegan Skincare Line Redoux

PUBLISHED February 8, 2021
Redoux vegan skincare products in packaging stacked and styled to introduce subject of post
It’s what’s on the inside that counts, but how damn cute is this packaging?

Skin is my favorite organ. And keeping my skin ultra-soft and pampered with vegan skincare is one of the highest tenants of my personal self-care philosophy. I pride myself on having pet-able, rub-able, want-to-just-stay-in-bed-with-you-all-day skin (it is, in fact, one of my fiancé’s favorite features of mine…)

So when vegan skincare brand Redoux sent me a special delivery of delicious smelling, extremely nourishing products, I cleared my entire schedule to try them out.

I opened up my favorite sexy magazines, turned the camera on, and had honestly one of the most enjoyable nights I’ve had in a while.

Needless to say…things got a little steamy.

The Candle

Redoux brand vegan skincare candle, styled next to book called the black woman because brand is a black owned brand

Candle 529

Redoux was built around the idea of scent as a powerful catalyst. Smell is our strongest sense tied to memory, and I constantly am seeking a scent experience that puts me into a different state of mind; that transports me somewhere emotionally.

Candle 529 takes me to a delicious happy place. The mix of sandalwood and orange blossom create a warm but bright balance. It evokes a sense of calm capableness; of curiosity and contentment.

As we ready ourselves to hunker in for a long, hard winter, cozy and uplifting scents like this help transform our indoor spaces into places of repose and rejuvenation.

Candle 529
  • 100% hand poured soy wax
  • 40-50 hours of burn time
  • Notes of sandalwood, orange blossom, ginger, amber, saffron
  • $32.00 USD $28.80 USD for Peek Mag readers with code PEEK10

Whether I’m in for a night of cooking, writing, reading, or making out, this candle will be flickering.

The Soap

Turmeric Botanical Bar

I’m cultish for bar soap. And this luscious little guy is by far the best I’ve tried in a while. You want a soap that cleanses and treats your skin but doesn’t dry you out. The Tumeric Botanical Bar is high density and low-lather, meaning none of that nonsense that just makes bubbles but does nothing for your skin is in there.

It goes on smooth like butter and is jam-packed with skin nourishing oils like coconut, palm, castor and olive (are you melting yet?) It comes in the signature 529 scent, which is a spicy citrus–think crisp geranium and bright bergamot, paired with a bite of ginger.

I, well, couldn’t stop touching myself.

I’d stock up on these and shove them into every stocking on your list.

Turmeric Botanical Bar
  • Lather with cool water and apply to face and body
  • Safflower Oil – Natural soothing properties and high linoleic acid content, which helps clear clogged pores
  • Shea Butter – Rich in texture, antioxidants, and fatty acids, creating a moisturizing powerhouse
  • Turmeric – Brightens and balances with powerful antioxidants
  • Rose Clay – Gently exfoliates without compromising hydration, a champion to those with sensitive skin
  • $16.00 USD $14.40 USD for Peek Mag readers with code PEEK10

The upside of using vegan skincare is knowing that everything you’re putting on your body, inhaling, and ultimately wearing throughout the day is natural and free of synthetic chemicals.

Girl in shower using vegan skincare soap and smiling
Get you a soap that makes you smile and linger a little longer in the shower

The Moisturizing Balm

Moringa Mallow Energy Balm

Slather this shit on literally everywhere. The Moringa Mallow Energy Balm is a powerfully moisturizing, do-it-all balm. Put it on chapped lips, dry elbows, parched knees, a crusty, boring relationship, a dead-end job, and even on that pretty little face. It will transform.

I do not hold back when it comes to moisturizing my skin in the winter. I will layer on all the goodness to keep my skin feeling drenched in hydration. If you have semi-dry skin like mine you will absolutely love this.

Girl holding vegan skincare moisturizing balm she has just used the product
Post-lathering, feeling quenched and cute 😉

The cocoa and shea butters provide that ultra rich moisturizer that you’ve gotta have in the winter, and the morgina oil helps keep it all in so it doesn’t evaporate and disappear.

Moringa Mallow Energy Balm
  • Scoop out and warm in hands, massage anywhere external
  • Signature 529 scent
  • Green Tea Oil – skin soothing and a packed with antioxidants.
  • Moringa Oil – hydrates with potent levels of Vitamin A, C, E and oleic acid the guard again moisture loss
  • Grape Seed Oil – a reliable hydrator that leaves lightweight and non-greasy finish
  • Cocoa & Shea Butter – rich and luxurious blend of nourishing moisture
  • Mallow & Chamomile Extract – calms overactive and inflamed skin
  • $58.00 USD $52.20 USD for Peek Mag readers with code PEEK10

After a shower or a bath a good dousing of this makes you feel like you’ve just visited the spa. I apply, let soak in, and bask in my own glory.

If you’re a vegan skincare junkie looking for your next fix this stuff hits just right. It was created by friend duo Asia and Alejandro, two people with a common love for skincare and new experiences.

Most new customers get 10% off their first order, but Peek readers can get an additional 10% off with code PEEK10 (THANK YOU, REDOUX!) I would not sleep on this. And with Valentines Day around the corner Redoux makes a great gift for a friend, lover, or most importantly–yourself.

Already loved by reviewers at Glossier, Vanity Fair, Vogue and Glamour, Redoux is *black owned* and sustainable.

Feel good about about your skin; feel good in your skin.


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