My Fantasy Closet

PUBLISHED October 12, 2020

My favorites hand selected from Fall/Winter 2020 collections. All of these are hanging in the closet of my imagined world. 

Image 1

Clockwise from top 

  1. YSL Blazer, leather shorts, head scarf, over-the-knee boots
  2. Khiry necklace
  3. Coco And Breezy green lucite sunglasses
  4. YSL turtleneck, waist bag, leather shorts, boots
  5. Brother Vellies cattle bag
  6. Brother Vellies ying-yang mule
  7. Coco And Breezy green lucite sunglasses
  8. Khiry gold studded hoops
  9. HPC Trading Co. carabiner leather bag 
  10. Laquan Smith emerald leather pants 
  11. HPC Trading Co. white leather bootie 
  12. Brother Vellies ying-yang shearling boots
Image 2

Clockwise from top

  1. Romeo Hunte green, off the shoulder trench
  2. Romeo Hunte ocean belted blazer
  3. Romeo Hunte fringe skirt and top
  4. Area sequined halter dress
  5. Laquan Smith sheer halter gown
  6. Area palm tree print dress
  7. Area red leather bodysuit and boots
  8. Laquan Smith patent leather strapless dress 
  9. Area sequined halter top

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