PUBLISHED July 23, 2012

Come on skinny love…

I feel the need to write about weight.

I am very thin, so maybe you think I don’t have the right to weigh in… 

BUT, I think skinny people need to speak up and say “Leave us the hell alone!” I’m sorry that I actually am not sorry that I have a high speed metabolisim, or a genetic propensity to evaporate fat off of my body. What the public must understand is that skinny people are a self-conscious breed of people just as over-weight people are. The difference is, when skinny people bitch and moan about being too skinny, everyone rolls their eyes. Why?! Grab hold of my wrist and it looks like something out of a “feed this kid for 10 cents a day” commercial. Do you not think that plagues me before I go to bed at night? Especially in a world that, though apparently subconsiously setting an unrealisitc weight standard for beauty, constantly drools over full-bodied, curvy girls.

I was on America’s number one news-site “Facebook” the other day and saw a quote someone posted that read:Meat is for the man, bones are for the dogs. Curvy girl pride!

Wow…so now my body weight has degraded me to a chew toy for man’s bestfriend.

I will not deny the disgusting nature of stick thin girls who’s goal in life is to be as skinny as possible without going into full body shock.Jezebel’sleading story today is actually of a website called that, until a shit storm of negetive coverage, included “Starving Tips of the Day!” on their front page.

One tip read: Pay close attention to other girl’s bodies. Pick them apart — try to find faults even with the best bodies. Then apply these high standards to yourself.


Or this one: Think of your stomach pains in a whole new light. Your stomach doesn’t hurt because you are hungry, that burning feeling is fat melting off of you.

No, idiots, that burning feeling is actually your body storing more fat into your body because your eating habits make it think it’ll never get fed again. Nice try though.

Girls like this give real skinny girls a bad rep. Despite making people most likely despise me, the truth is I don’t try to maintain any certain weight at all. In fact, I was so self-consious about being skinny in high-school I would go home and eat peanut butter from the container in an attempt to put on a few pounds. Yes, it was incredibly stupid and no it did not work at all but I’m making a point here. It wasn’t until I started using birth control that I got the 10lbs I was wishing for on my birthday cake candles and broke 100.

There is no empowerment movement for thin girls who are unhappy with their weight, or who are proud of it. Bigger girls, full-bodied girls, curvy girls, “real” women, or whatever they’re called around your way stand up for themselves and join together. Apparently, if you are naturally thin you are afforded no such pleasure.

Lets see what happens when someone stands up and says, “Yes! I am so thin and proud” “I couldn’t break 120 pounds if I tried!” “Here’s to all my thin sistas out there who can still wear their clothes from highschool!”

Ohmahgawd. I’m such a skinny bitch.

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