Sexist Pieces of Shit

PUBLISHED March 21, 2013

I exploded tonight.

On a group of A-typical, yanked from the surrounding suburbs, white, drunken, college boys in the Chinese takeout restaurant some where between the Draught Horse bar on Broad and Cecil and the sanctuary of my own room where no one with small minds is permitted to even breathe by my door.

My army of eclectic buddies (two Indian girls toting fake IDs, my Pakistani home girl from last year, the loud mouth Korean we picked up this semester, and the white girl who reps her Russian-ness) and I topped off our dollar beer specials with some shitty Chinese food. We shared the tiny, grimy take out space with a group of guys, clearly very close to wasted, whose liquor confidence was pussing from their pores.

I am a calm person. I am a peaceful person. I see the good in everyone without even wanting to. I feel sorry for everyone. I am sympathetic for people who don’t deserve it. So when I see guys who are NOT cute, doggy-paddling above average, drunk and, suddenly, confident I feel SORRY. Because it took that three hours of dollar beers to get them to be able to open their mouths to girls they’ve never met before.

It started simply. “Hey…girls…girls! Will you date my friend? All of you? Will you be his girlfriend.”

I ignored this. Ordered by bag of Frooties, Nacho Cheese Sunflower seeds and pizza roll through the bulletproof glass like a good little girl who was raised in the hood and paid no mind to their nonsense.

One with an odd slick back of curls kept coming ‘round asking us, “What bus are you on…? What bus are you…?” We told him to get lost, leave us alone, what have you.

Another group of guys enters. “Hey…which one of these girls do you want?” Says the one in a red baseball hat (First of all…what the f*ck are you doing in a baseball hat at a bar…? You are instantly irrelevant simply from this nauseating fashion statement). I let this comment slide. The newest group of guys has a camera man in tow. Someone actually brought their Cannon Red to a Wednesday night.

Then, as my silly little Russian is taking money from the ATM, the kid in the red hat mimes grabbing her ass as he poses for the camera.

I can’t even anticipate when my temper will boil over. I never see it coming, I don’t plan it, it just happens. Like it was a reflex I storm over to him, knock his hat from his head and shout, “Can you stop being a f*cking sexist piece of shit?! You’re f*cking disgusting!” And a slew of other comments that I can’t even place. Blackout rage.

“YOU’RE ALL ACTING LIKE VIRGINS…DO YOU KNOW THAT…? Have you never been with a girl before? One day you will get yours, I promise. Okay, just wait. One day you will get to sleep with a girl.”

After that it was a confusion of his friends yelling at my friends or something of that nature. I want the video footage and I want to post it and spread it no matter how high pitched my seven year old voice may sound because that shit…pisses…me…off. MORE so what angers me are the girls who DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO GUYS LIKE THIS!

It’s not even up to me when things like this happen. My blood boils underneath my skin, flushes my face, pulses behind my eyeballs and then sky rockets out of my mouth (like in the image above).

Men. I’m sorry, but you are an astonishingly inferior sex. I don’t know how this happened that we ended up in a Patriarchy because men are f*cking IDIOTS. Idiots. All of them. Every single one. Even the most stand up guys pale in comparison to any female counter part. They are so driven by sex and so damn see-through its laughable.

The rest of my clan went about the night no big deal. I am not capable of that. That shit doesn’t leave me. Knowing that there are people like that in the world, who smugly think they can say or do whatever they want (only, of course, with the magic elixir of liquor on their side) make me paralyzed. I literally can not fathom the idea of moving forward with people like this littering the face of the earth.

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