PUBLISHED July 24, 2012

I Guess I’m Not Always Right

Well, this has turned out quite swell. I was so reluctant to make my thoughts public, originally creating this blog as a way for me to keep up journaling when I routinely misplaced my physical notebooks. I wanted a space to confine my feelings, thoughts and opinions about the world around me as I was navigating not only various defining moments in history but also the moments in life that will shape me forever.

Despite all the great responses, that is still what it is for me. I have to remind myself that I am writing for no one but the 46 year old Nomi Leasure who, in the midst of her mid-life crisis, will recover this URL, providing Tumblr or the internet as we know it even still exist, and will revisit her confused, passionate, younger and hotter self and get a burst of nostalgia that will propel her into creating pure happiness. And getting a face lift.

I often feel that I live for the memory of certain moments rather the moments themselves. Years of journaling has made me feel like I am constantly living in the memory that an older me is having. My journals from elementary school keep me more grounded than anything. Just knowing that the person who wrote those words in 1998 is the same person who later wrote entries through the early 2000s who is the same person who is typing at this very moment; with a mild migraine, the buzz of a few drinks with the girls and the gross thought of work at 9:00 AM.

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