PUBLISHED August 29, 2012

Advice Post: Virginity

I just graduated high school, gonna start college here soon… And well I have yet to have sex. In my eighteen years of life it just never felt like the right time or even I didn’t have the time to get caught up in that.. Maybe I just haven’t found the right person? As a female I just think that every other male is gonna think less of me or not appreciate me as much… Do you think me waiting so long will be negative impact?

You don’t need to tell a soul about what has or hasn’t entered your vagina. Got it? No one owes anyone their “number”. Even your husband, boyfriend, best friend, whatever. No one is entitled to that information. That being said, being a virgin in college is fine. I knew a few. Though I use the term virgin loosely here. Anyways, guys will most likely try to sleep with you, so as long as you know how to handle that situation and how to turn someone down you’ll be cool. And if for some reason a guy does care, or thinks negatively of you because of that… f*ck that dude. He’s probably a prick. There are a lot of them out there.

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