PUBLISHED September 8, 2014

Advice Post: Directionless & Full of Questions

I’m in college, biochem major, pre-med intent, big dreams, always had big dreams, but I’m bored. Over this past summer I spent a lot of time obsessing over enjoying life and music, etc. Always been good at school, mostly because I cared, but now that I’m here I’m questioning my route. I’m scared to change my mind because I’m scared of failing but I don’t want to regret my life decision forever. (Btw your work is outstanding I’m probably addicted). Advice/ experiences that relate? I’m drowning.

So, what is boring you? Your major? Or your actual life? Kind of sounds like a classic case of early-twenties indecision. Don’t worry, it affects nearly 100 in every fucking 100 young adults. It’s like…your super ambitious and driven, and then one day you think hey…am I really missing the point here, man? Shouldn’t I be like…hula-hooping at a music festival and baking Pinterest projects? Isn’t that what it’s ALL ABOUT?!?! And then we get bored by real life, or as it’s more commonly known…our responsibilities. Nothing makes much sense when you compare it to having a good fucking time.

It’s also challenging when we see nearly everyone everywhere starting down this road of really following their passions and starting their own projects. We are the startup generation. Gen-GoFundMe and Gen-AMillionViewsOnYoutube. So I can see why, amidst all the action, you are mad bored by bio(gag)chem and (nausea inducing) pre-med.

I’m a little lost in your timeline, but if you happen to be a Freshman I would absolutely stick it out. If you’re a sophomore or above I would maybe look into switching to something else. I dunno, I just figure if it’s already not something that’s getting you jazzed it might not ever. Like…sexual chemistry. You know, you can’t force it.

I’m probably a bad person to ask about this, because as soon as something bores me I instantly drop it and search out (like a wild rabid animal) the next thing to steal my attention. My experience is all over the place. My interests make no sense. I have no plan other than to do whatever is making me happy, and to always be moving forward. Which is probably the most annoying advice you’ve ever gotten because it’s like, shit, what are you even supposed to do with that? Besides, like, write it on the white board of your dorm and roll your eyes at it everyday before class.

But hey! You asked.

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