Yellow Rose of Sulfur (1817–1824) by Pierre-Joseph Redouté

I’m Not Immune to Cliches

PUBLISHED September 25, 2012

Why is it so hard to tell people how much they mean to us?

For me, its difficult finding the right words, and even more so nailing the perfect moment.

I suppose partially its an ego thing as well. There are some people it may disarm you to flatter, despite their importance.

Going along with that I suppose some elements of insecurity could be involved: fear of the feeling unreturned.

Or maybe its shock value…the awkward moment that may precede when someone is unaware they meant so much to you.

But what if it gets to be too late?

That terrifies me; that there may be a moment when I won’t be able to tell the people who have left deep, dirty imprints on my life that I’ve appreciated their very existence.

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