PUBLISHED December 11, 2012

In Defense of John Corrigan, a Kid Confused About Periods

John Corrigan is suffering from third degree cyber scrutiny. After publishing his final installment of a male-centered relationship column, John has “gone viral.”

None of this I knew until running into a old friend, the editor of the Temple News, on my way to night class in Center City. He briefly began venting about the buzz Corrigan’s article was receiving from outside media sources. Huffington Post wants to interview him. The comments won’t stop rolling in.

“Well, why?”

John Corrigan has gone where no college male I’ve met has gone before. He talked about periods. And he published it in his college newspaper.

His op-ed is titled, “That’s What He said,” and it’s introduced it as a relationship advice column from the perspective of a male.

Corrigan: Time of the month a time of care

In his final column, John Corrigan advises men to take caution during their girlfriend’s time of the month

I read the article and laughed. It’s brave, if nothing else. Mildly accurate at points. Admirable and sweet. Then I flipped through my twitter feed and caught sight of Gawker’s most recent article…

MEN: Is Your Lady on “a Period”? Learn How to Deal in the Most Ridiculous Period-Advice Column Ever

Gawker was actually tackling Corrigan’s article. Now, I really love Gawker. I read the site a lot and respect the wit and humor that comes with accurate journalism. But this was too much. Caity Weave, author of the article, was tearing him to shreds!

“On Tuesday, Temple University’s student newspaper, the Temple News, published the fifth and final installment of its monthly relationship column That’s What He Said, written by a Temple University student who definitely has a girlfriend.” 

Poor Corrigan, she was relentless…

“The most confusing aspect of Corrigan’s period play-by-play is not the part where he pretends his girlfriend is more than just an idea he had once of what a girlfriend might be like, but his mixed messages on sex.”

And then…

“Unfortunately, much as the very real uterus of a not not-real girlfriend sheds through her stunning vagina once a cycle, so must the Temple News shed Corrigan’s column now that the semester has drawn to a close.

Shit got too real.

(Not girlfriends though.)” 

Her article ticked me off. Probably because I’m friends with the kid who puts this whole thing together and I feel badly that the most media attention his publication has gotten is some dumb, viral period column. But also because I don’t agree with Weaver’s criticism. So I posted this comment…

“I’m a senior (female) student at Temple University. I know both the writer of this column and the editor in chief of The Temple News, who, only moments before I stumbled upon this article, was venting to me about all the viral buzz this article has received. I think your take on his column is both unfair and incorrect. As women, the last thing we should be doing is discouraging males from participating in “period” talk. In his limited, male perspective that may very well be what he experiences; at least he’s willing to talk about it and not shudder and gag at the word “menstruation,” like EVERY other college boy. Your side comments about him “definitely having a girlfriend,” come off as little more than cyber bullying. His points are relevant and he’s right; there are next to no relationship advice columns for guys. Especially ones directed at and published specifically for college boys who can ALL take a hint from his sweet, thoughtfulness. I found most of what he said to be accurate and even where he was off he still offered valid advice. Who would deny flowers during their period? Better yet, who would laugh at the idea?“

If you read both articles you can decide for yourself where you stand. 

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