PUBLISHED May 21, 2014

Advice Post: Being Loved

It is 8 am and I am very hungover but something caught my eye from your blog and then I couldn’t stop reading. It is very insightful and you have a beautiful way of using words and expressing yourself. I have to completely agree with your post about our generation not being able to commit. I myself was (am) a casual dater. Right now I’m in a fuck buddy type of relationship and it’s fun and games but at the end of the day I can’t help but to question why I don’t allow myself to be truly loved.

Allowing yourself to be loved, I am learning, is actually, like, really fucking hard. First, you have to love yourself (hard). Then you have be vulnerable enough to love someone else (super hard). And THEN (like we don’t have enough to do) you have to allow that person to love you back, and show you the microscopic things about yourself you’ve never even known were there.

Don’t down play it. It’s tough shit.

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