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Welcome to Peek Mag

PUBLISHED October 11, 2020
Can’t stop, won’t stop

Did you know we have been in a relationship for over ten years? That’s the longest relationship of my life! Yes, I’m talking to you, lovely reader. You have hitched your wagon to mine. We have been through numerous Tumblr blog formats and titles (remember NaturalBornLiar?) and various boyfriends, and presidential elections, and break-ups, and wild nights out, and so. Many. Hair. Styles!

Together we have formed opinions on the world, rewritten those opinions, and grown stronger, smarter, and more sensitive. We have gone to school, graduated, had babies, gotten married. We’ve gone through addictions, death, abuse, and loss.

We’ve lost friends, made new friends, moved to new cities, and moved back home. We’ve started our careers, built our confidence, found our voice.

And we’re only just getting started.

For over ten years you have trusted me with your deepest secrets. You’ve confessed to me your darkest fears. You’ve included me in your wildest fantasies. You’ve turned to me in times of struggle and success. And you have helped me grow more than you can ever imagine. Your questions forced me to dig deep and find answers. Your words of encouragement keep my words flowing. You are a community of dope women. You understand the importance of building a loving, trusting relationship with the most important person in your life: yourself. You won’t settle for a mundane existence, not when you know you are magical, not when you know you are divine. You have felt since your beginning that there is a deeper experience to be had on this earth, and you are on a lifelong quest for experiences that bring meaning, people with whom you can fall madly in love, and words that will spirit you onwards in your journey. 

Peek Mag started as a journal but you made it into something bigger. You deserved something that met you where you are now, that paid back that insistence on something new, something interesting, something different. A different perspective because you are a different kind of girl.

I’m here to keep doing what I’ve always done–to help navigate emotional life so that you can create loving and healthy relationships. To help you see what I see; that you are everything you will ever need and that you deserve the world.

I am so excited to invite you on this next phase. I can’t wait to see where we take things now 🙂 

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