PUBLISHED July 28, 2012

Monday September 7th 2009: Cockroaches and Community Bathrooms, Welcome to College

I am writing you now in a different city, at a different school and in anew bed. I am, yes, in college…

(entire notebook page filled with the word “Wahoo!!” with various squiggles and confetti like doodles. Though not an artist, I am mighty visual)

Like a true college freshman this is my first sober night all labor day weekend. Though all the excitement doesn’t come from alcohol related activities. A variety of other developments have occurred since last I took to the page. Not many I’ll recount tonight, its 2:00AM and I have class at 11, but I had to break this notebook in sooner or later.

For the record: I love Temple, I’m not homesick, I don’t feel changed, I didn’t make it into a theater production, my one minute film will be competing in Amsterdam, I still talk to Malcolm everyday, I haven’t had sex here, I’m ready to take over the world. *

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