PUBLISHED June 18, 2012

Natural Born Liar: How to Get Out of (Almost) Anything Part I

Post One: The Nature of the Lie

Let’s get one thing straight. Lies and honesty are not opposites. A lie is not a signifier of someone who is at odds with the truth; it is a signifier of someone who has a more imaginative notion of what the truth is. Being lied to means you are experiencing a moment of genius. Lies are flexible, magnificent little things that are inescapable and pervasive. Odds are you are being lied to at this very moment. Don’t fear. You have been thrown in the current of lies so instead of fighting it, flow with it. And I will help you do so.

I have used lies many times in my own life and have come to regard them as very useful tools for navigating social settings, work settings and even my own mind.

Here’s something to think about. Kids who are good at lying turn out more successful. Don’t take it from me. Huff Post reported this. Sure it hasn’t been peer reviewed, but the odds are if your kid can tell a solid lie they are HE OR SHE IS more highly developed. They’re using cognitive skills that are required to cover up your tracks.

See…? Lying can be a major genetic plus!

Some of these are things (as in all of these things) I’ve learned from experience, I’ve also soaked in a lot from observing. So if you’re in a bind, check back on the blog. I may have managed to fib my way out of a very similar situation.

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