Hi, God

PUBLISHED September 11, 2012

On walks from my bus stop to my side door in elementary school I would talk to God. I imagined God, a faceless being, Jesus, my Grandfather, who I never met, and my Grandmother, who I knew only briefly, sitting around a classic family den. A fire place roaring in the background, an oriental carpet for everyone to rub their feet against. I will never forget this image. In the few minutes it would take to walk through my wooded backyard I would divulge my day to this roomful of people with the same fervor of telling juicy gossip I couldn’t contain to a group of friends. I did this for years. No one taught me to talk to a God, or trust in a God or place faith in a God. In a way, I could always feel my higher purpose. At a young age I sensed the presence of something that made me feel very assured. I felt looked after. The closeness I felt to this other being is almost indescribable. At times I could say I actually experienced physical manifestations of my God. Its as though the faith I had in attracting what I wanted and needed brought things into being.

I do not think you need religion to find God, or experience God or explore God. A true God, I believe, is deep, deep inside of you. The faith comes in getting out of your own way and letting that inner light shine.

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