Our Imagined World

PUBLISHED September 28, 2020

Rebuilding Requires Vision

Things aren’t always as they seem. Behind the veil of democracy we find fraud, underneath systems of justice we unearth violence, and within our own hearts and minds, once believed to be so righteous, we encounter bias. It is as though we have been living in an Imagined World–one constructed of fantasy and held together by hope. But as the nation grapples with a deadly virus, persistent racial tension, and a looming election, we are called to confront the fictions of modern society and archive what has failed to serve us.

It is time to author a new world.

For the launch of Peek Mag we present Our Imagined World, an ode to the power of storytelling. We explore the world of our imagination–the world we think we live in and how it often contrasts with the world as it is; the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves and others, and the tension between fear and love that fuels (or fogs) our reality.

But within this context of ‘Imagination’ we also encounter joy, desire, and possibility–Our Imagined World extends to the ideal world of our imagination, the world of our dreams, and the way in which powerful imaginative thinking can liberate us and lead us into a better tomorrow.

For Vol 1 we explore themes of Denial & Reckoning, Narrative as Power, Liberation Through Imagination, and Myths of Identity.

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