PUBLISHED January 5, 2015

Advice Post: My Ex Wants Another Girl

PLEASE HELP ME!!!! There is this guy that I’m waiting for. He moved because I’ve hurt him in the past. Now, I’m trying to show him that I’m not the same person I use to be, he told me he just needs sometime to get over what I’ve done. We still say I love you and we talk everyday. But, I keep finding out that he’s with someone else. He keeps denying it but, I give him the benefit of the doubt. Then, I found out that he’s actually wanting to marry this girl. I honestly don’t know what to do?? HELP

This is a classic case of somehow get the fuck over it. Excuse me, I shouldn’t say that. Sometimes when people say they need time they really truly do need time. In this instance, however, your guy doesn’t want time he wants someone else. That’s the toughest, biggest, prickliest pill to swallow, so I suggest taking it down with a tall glass of vodka.

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