PUBLISHED September 20, 2011

September 20th, Monday: Monogamy

I’ve never been more happy to be monogamous. Wow, I’m surprised those words actually flew off my fingers. Not because I don’t love my hubby…which is another blog unto itself (literally, I have a blog dedicated to telling him how much I love him). But I am a woman of science and monogamy just isn’t natural, its almost against our biology. Before falling madly in love with my amazing boyfriend I was the most anti-relationship girl out there. I thought boys were meant to be collected and played with then put away when I got bored with them. Sick and twisted or the healthiest view of guys you’ve ever heard?

Well, despite the many benefits of being in a relationship one just emerged tonight that I never really gave much thought to: STDs. A very old, distant friend of mine has been in a lot of pain recently and first thought it to be just a yeast infection. A couple other friends of mine have complained about the same thing and get them maybe a couple times a year. But hers got so bad she had to go to the hospital and it turns out a yeast infection would have been a walk in the park. She has herpes.

Herpes is something everyone jokes about but no one finds funny when the chance of them having it comes up, and I can’t blame them. Its for life. And if monogamy with a person was hard enough to come to terms with imagine spending your whole life with a vaginal disease. You can’t get a divorce from that. All I can do is lend my support but I doubt its enough to make her feel any better. Sex is an integral part of college in a way. That doesn’t mean having it but sexual relationships arise almost every weekend. We’re in a forced breeding pool, and she’s a single girl free to hop into bed with anyone she pleases. Now thats not an option unless she wants to be a total dick and potentially ruin her social life.

Moving on.

You can’t be anyone but who you are. Cheesy? Maybe. But think about how much time is spent NOT being yourself. I’m convinced thats why people have mid life crisis. They get to a point in time that they realize they’ve spent the majority of their life not being themselves or doing what they wanted to do. The pursuit of profit alone steers us away from what makes us actually happy.

What WON’T make me happy is missing anymore AM classes and considering its almost 2AM I’m going to have to cut my blogging short this evening. Keep it classy out there and stay posted. X

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