PUBLISHED June 11, 2013

Six Things I’ve Learned Since Being in LA

1. There’s more than one way to make coffee. Apparently. Which I learned today when my freshly ground, fair trade coffee came out tasting like blueberry tea. Also, who knew espresso was just really finely ground regular coffee beans? Oh…everyone? #LearnSomethingNewEveryDay

2. Even nobodies are somebodies. According to them. I felt pretty prepared for this moving here. Four years of studying mass media has me doubtful of anything that makes claims. Of particular mistrust are the “producers/directors/photographers/actors/stylist/promoters” that feed on the dreams of the young, ambitious and gullible.

3. Only you, and CVS sales on tequila, can make you happy. In a place where everyday is cloudless and palm trees line your morning commute it’s actually much harder to stay positive. Everything around you looks so perfect, so why aren’t you happy, damnit? Change what you may about your surroundings, but happiness comes from within. Los Angeles seems filled with people applying happiness like makeup, thinking that when they assemble the perfect life they’ll find peace in their reflection. Change your thoughts, change your life. And if all else fails, I have a good friend named Jose who will lift your spirits

4. There’s never a sense to buying retail. Thrift stores have everything. I mean ev-er-y-tha-ng.

5. Quest Love is the best DJ of all time. Especially when at an outside shin-ding whilst also enjoy cannabis candy.

6. There’s no such thing as men. Only boys with beards. I see it will be an uphill battle from now on as boys are given more responsibilities while their maturity level plateaus at twelve.

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