Rose of Love (1817–1824) by Pierre-Joseph Redouté

Advice Post: He Made Me Who I Am

PUBLISHED April 27, 2015

Trying to get over a guy after two years who really fucked me over, but made me who I am today. Advice? Alcohol so far isn’t working.

First of all, he did abso-fucking-lutely not “make you who you are today.” Your mommy and daddy made you one night after two bottles of wine and a summer rain storm.

Just kidding I have no idea who you are.

Anyway don’t think of this guy having such claim over your personhood. Think of it as…he brought out things that were already inside of you. Your path was destined. You are meant to be exactly the person you are and maybe you needed to learn lessons that could only come in the form of this person, entering your life at the exact moment he did, pushing you in certain ways, causing pain in others.

The person you are now is just who you’re meant to be. But that’s your star crossed destiny, and it sounds like his chapter in your life is just simply over.

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