PUBLISHED January 10, 2013

Reader Question: High School

What were your high school years like? Odd question, but for some reason I’m curious.

Oh, high school (long sigh, devilish smirk)

I went to a creative and performing arts high school right in Downtown Pittsburgh that sits between the Allegheny River and Blush, a strip club.

I majored in musical theater, meaning I was proficient at singing, dancing and acting. If I were to order them by skill it’d be: acting, singing, dancing. Because ballet is a bitch and tap just f*cking sucks and who wants to wear a leotard in high school.

My two best friends who I frequently talk about/post pictures about/am obsessed with went there too. We had other friends, but sort of didn’t really like anyone but each other and so none of them are really worth mentioning. (If you are one of our high school friends reading this, I so don’t mean you).

I was in the Center for Advanced Studies (oh, la la) and took classes with kids who said things, “Thank God it’s the weekend so I can do my homework!” And I am not joking at all.

Because my girls and I had had our first kiss, and brushed our hair in the morning and didn’t clip on tails to our pants before we went to school we were looked at as “mean girls,” on occasion. Perhaps we had some fun at the expense of other’s as well, but humor is what separates us humans from the rest of the animal world and so, ya know what, I embrace it.

I was the Vice President of my senior class and the star of the musical theater department. I will not be bashful about my high school accomplishments because I am proud of them.

I had a boyfriend who’s heart I broke.

I had a picture of Taylor Lautner in my locker.

I listened to a lot of Wu Tang Clan.

My fashion taste was questionable, at best.

Thank you for the compliments :-*

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