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When Will Our Boys Become Men?

PUBLISHED July 28, 2015

Is chivalry completely dead? I’m confused about exactly what the purpose of guys is even supposed to be nowadays. I mean…women are supposed to be, let’s see, boss ass CEOs, healthy holistic mamas, have rockin’ bods, bring home the bacon, nurse the babies and nurse their boyfriend’s egos!

So…as we expand our roles as women I’m left wondering where the guys fit in. And I’m left wondering this specifically because I’ve seen guys time and time again completely shred any shroud of responsibilities from their lives in the unspoken expectation of getting taken care of.

My friend went on a Tinder date earlier this week and the guy text her, “Just a heads up where we’re meeting is a cash only place.” Like, um, why would that even be relevant. Are you not going to buy her TWO DOLLAR CUP OF TEA?! And there’s another ex-fling of a friend who keeps coming into the place that she works for happy hour specials and Saturday night romps. Like, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE?! And the worst thing is he goes in there and won’t even be the bigger person by just saying, “Hey (bleeped out) how have you been? Good to see you.” No, he like…lurks around the corners in her full view of her and even TAKES OTHER GIRLS THERE!

Ugh, I’m just so fed up with tactlessness. When will our boys become men?

I know that neurologically girls mature faster than boys, that we have to allow them some time to emotionally catch up to us. But some things should be non-negotiable. Another friend was describing why she likes guys who sort of take the reins, who say “I’ll pick you up at this time and we’ll go here for dinner, how’s that sound?” Who lend some advice when a phone gets broken, or you’re not sure where to take your sick cat, whatever. And I realized…it’s because we ladies haven’t been getting taken care of. We’ve felt all this pressure to be like, super-chill-cool-girls-man who aren’t “crazy” or “emotional” or “needy.” And it’s left us with our pooswahs in our hands cause now it’s like…wait, fuck, I take that back. I do have needs, that doesn’t make me needy. Like, I need you to be able to stick to a simple plan, or text me after a date, or pick up the tab for a two dollar coffee, and *OMG* he’s such a gentleman if he even opens the door for me!

We’ve let this all get too far out of hand. Casual dating has ruined our generation of men. I fear they may never grow up.


Please prove me wrong.

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