PUBLISHED December 11, 2012

You’re in the Shot

What is like to sit on the peripheral of someone’s life?

I’ve observed something fascinating. Twlightzone-ish if you will. I am living the life behind the pictures. It’s very easy to forsake your flesh and blood for filters. A catalytic event has occurred and everything is slowing down as much as it’s speeding up. Like a dream where you keep waking up and starting your day only to wake up and actually start your day only to…you get it.

I was in the car, driving to pick up take out food from my favorite restaurant Thai Me Up (The sexual innuendo is clear, as should the reason be why I like this place ) and I was listening to a woman on NPR interview Libyans seeking their lost loved ones. A mother found her son in a mass grave. And I thought, “I feel like that.” I was being selfish and over dramatic and honest.

It made me think how desperate we feel when things go all wrong. When they slip out from your finger tips or fall through their cracks like sand.

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