Love is at once the most complicated and universal of human conditions. We explore the complexities, contradictions, and compelling nature of love and the role it plays in modern life.

I keep finding out that he's with someone else. He keeps denying it but, I give him the benefit of the doubt. Then, I found out that he's actually wanting to marry this girl. I honestly don't know what to do. HELP! Read More
We often feel we have achieved some great feat by the deep, romantic loving of another person. We feel that because we have put ourselves out on a such a feeble limb, we are deserving of something. We are owed reparations for all that we lose when in love, like our freedom and our minds.  Read More
We spend so much time together in a way I feel off balance without him. It’s an odd effect that generally only lasts the first day or so of being apart. But it creeps up in the side of my mind, like I forgot something but I’m not sure what. Read More
If we take on all of our friends ex-love affair burdens won’t we have to be on constant alert for people to snub?  Read More

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